Kaspa Pro is for founders who are currently, or about to raise capital.

All founders, regardless of network or location, should be able to raise capital on merit. Kaspa Pro helps founders get investment-ready and funded.

Step-by-step program on how to raise capital

Access to mentors & personalised help along the way

Private community of founders going through the same thing

Benchmarking & insights

Top ranking startups get invited to Kaspa's investor network to finish your raise

Start your fundraising journey

Our awesome features

How it works

Join Kaspa Pro

Enter your startup into the program.

Complete modules 1-5

This will build your capital raising foundation & get you ready to start engaging with investors.

Complete challenges to earn points

For every challenge you complete, you'll earn points and move up the leaderboard.

Win an invite to Kaspa's investor network

We take the top 25% of founders into our investor network, where you'll be able to connect with investors and track your progress.

Pricing that fits

Whether you are just starting or have a growing startup, Kaspa Pro is built for founders who are currently or about to raise capital.

For founders ready to raise capital
$135 / one off
  • Unlimited access to Kaspa Pro
  • 3 credits for 1-on-1 mentor sessions
  • Private community with weekly sessions
  • Benchmarking & insights
  • Personal support & guidance
Get Started
For founders who make it through Kaspa Pro
$24 / month
  • Investor data & recommendations
  • Connect with investors
  • Monthly updates to investors
  • Mentor sessions
  • Data analytics
Invite Only
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